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Queralyze is a Software as a Service (SaaS) educational platform for helping students improve in the critical areas of research and writing. The goal of Queralyze is to move the student beyond rote learning and to give them the skills to explore and question what they read. Being able to understand and apply the content of a popular or academic article is essential for 21st century learners. The name of our company is derived from the process that our platform enables. The flow of that learning process is:


Learning begins with material chosen by the instructor. Queralyze complements your existing classroom instruction. Short videos have been shown to enhance students’ enjoyment and retention of material. All of our learning is delivered through 5-10 minute videos. Because our system is fully responsive, students can watch the videos on their smartphone or tablet for convenience.

Our learning modules add training on skills that assist the student in moving from learning through to analysis and application of concepts. New modules will be added on an ongoing basis. Selected topics from our current library include:

  • Foundations in Research
  • Financial Literacy
  • Foundations in Writing


So the videos make the student think a bit. Or the teacher makes the student think a bit. Either way, there are questions. The internet is a big place, with many sources. There’s a lot of variety in terms of credibility and bias.

When you take your query to Queralyze, you can rely on finding fresh, trustworthy sources. But we can’t erase bias. What we can do is reveal the bias and make it part of learning. Our unique Biasearch™ feature allows the student to filter articles according to the perceived bias of the article’s source.

Our search function is special in two other ways. First, it allows the student to rapidly locate relevant information by using our hierarchy of topics combined with keyword search. This has been shown to locate relevant information more effectively than keyword-based search engines. Second, our content is completely hand-selected by our editors. All of the articles indexed by Queralyze are current, credible, and relevant. Systems that filter a student’s web searches can prevent inappropriate material from appearing in search results. But they can’t assure the quality or characteristics of the results that students will see.

3 Ways to Search


Armed with learning from the videos and reading material from the query results, the student can analyze the research question posed by their instructor. Queralyze provides assignment templates that prompt the student to analyze topics in our learning and database topics.

Flip the classroom

We've tried a few ways to do this and some of them are a real mess. Queralyze can be a tool for flipping the classroom in a way that makes sense. A key goal of this approach is to explore higher-level concepts in the classroom, while obligating the student to learn the material before the in-class discussion. Queralyze can equip the student with relevant reference material that can both aid in their understanding and accompany them to the classroom to contribute to the in-class analysis. Connected classrooms can use Queralyze to accompany interactive classroom discussions.


Once the student has completed a paper, it's too late to fix earlier mistakes. Our Writeturn™ system breaks the writing process down into six steps: research question, reference list, annotated bibliography, outline, draft, and final. Instructors can review the student’s work in order to provide confirmation and feedback at each step. This give-and-take occurs throughout the writing process.


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Because our software is accessed directly over the Internet, there’s nothing to install for the school or student. Our fully responsive implementation can be used on smartphones and tablets as well as laptop or desktop computers.

Queralyze uses LTI® to integrate with your learning management system. Instructors can easily embed links to Queralyze videos as well as Writeturn assignments. Integration with Canvas is currently available.

For more information about using Queralyze for your students, please fill out the form below or call us toll-free at (844) 448-7837. Be sure to ask about our pilot program for schools and school systems.

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